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9. M: I’m really getting worried about Mary. She was sitting in for the exam in two weeks’ time. But all she is talking about now is nothing but an upcoming concert.?
W: She may fail along that line. Let’s try to talk some sense into her.?
10. W: Tony, do you have a belief in UFOs??
M: Me? Well, I have never seen. But there are a lot of people who have, or they think they have, seen.?
11.  M:  You know, I started out in civil engineering, then I switched to electronic engineering. But what really interests me is electronic music.?
  W: Well, that’s a long way away from civil engineering.?
12. W: How about a pound of milk for our breakfast? But it doesn’t seem to look fresh now.    Do you think it is still all right to drink??
M: Let me smell it. Well, it has gone off. If I were you, I wouldn’t even think of it.?
13. M: Is it true that all of them survived the fire last night??
     W: Yes, a miracle, isn’t it? There was a couple on the second floor and two women and three kids on the ground floor. But no one was badly hurt.?
14. M: I’m going to take a blood test at 7:45 tomorrow morning.?
     W: In that case, you won’t miss any courses tomorrow morning then.?
15. M: I’m not really an expert on precious stones, but these are superb. Don’t you like them??
W: Have you looked at the price tag? It costs almost twice as much as a house where we are living in.?
16. W: You seem to be restless the whole day today. What’s up??
M: Later in the afternoon’ they will announce who will get permission for the study trip to Africa.?
17. W: I will never go with Bill again. He could never remember where he parked his car.?
M: That certainly sounds like Bill. (来源:http://www.EnglishCN.com)
News Item One (18-19)?
   Britain has announced that it has decided to cancel about 200 million pounds’ worth of the debts owed to it by poorer Commonwealth countries. The international development secretary says the relief is being offered to countries committed to eliminating poverty and pursuing good government. This would include taking action against corruption. At the same time Common Market finance ministers are meeting in Muricius. Britain is expected to put forward a fresh initiative on redressing debts of the poorest countries. The chancellor of Czech has indicated the plan to revise the scheme put forward last year by the International Monetary Fund which has not yet provided any relief.
News Item Two (20-21)?
   An underground train derailed at the station in central Paris yesterday, injuring people and just missing another underground train standing on the opposite track.  French emergency services say the trains were traveling at 35 kilometres per hour when it derailed at the entrance of the station. No one was killed and no one was trapped in the train during the accident. Ambulances rushed to the scene and doctors began treating casualties in the station and a nearby cafe. Some people have broken limbs and others have suffered bruising. None was in a critical condition. As yet it was not known why the train came off the tracks.
News Item Three (22-23)?
   In Argentina,civil servants held a 24-hour strike yesterday to protest pay cuts of 12-15% for anyone earning more than 1,000 US dollars a month. Public service unions and local teamsters plan to hold the protest rally in front of the government house. The work stoppage comes at the last Friday’s general strike when many of Argentina’s 12 million workers stayed home after the nation’s powerful General Worker Confederation, the nation’s largest union group, called a one-day strike to protest spending cuts and free market reforms.?
News Item Four (24-25)?
   Germany was due to strike a deal yesterday to close down its 19 nuclear power plants, making it the first major industrial nation to commit to withdrawing from nuclear energy. Talks between Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s government and chiefs of German energy industry were to begin at 8:30 p.m.. Closure of German 19 reactors, which provided around a third of the country’s electricity needs, was a key pledge of the Greens, the junior partner in Schroder’s coalition government.
                                                                                  The Best Way to Stay Healthy?
       Nowadays,the desire for good health is universal. Wherever you are and whatever you do, staying healthy is always important. With the improvement of our living standards, people are attaching more and more importance to their health. However, which do you think is the best way to keep healthy??
        Different people come up with different views: eating green food, doing outdoor exercises or going to hospital for medical treatment frequently. As far as I am concerned, the best way to keep healthy is to develop a good quality of psychology. According to some surveys, nowadays, most patients are not physically sick but mentally ill. The burden on their shoulders is much heavier than others, so they can’ t step out of the shadow of depression and sadness. They need to release their spirit to the nature.?
       Besides, if you have developed a good quality of psychology, you’ll become more sociable and thus more willing to play your part in the society. Enrolling for some keep-fit clubs or joining some travel agency, which by themselves are various versions of physical exercise, will benefit you a lot.?
       As a poem says, youth is not a period of time; it’s a state of mind. Everybody wants to keep young at heart because youth is a symbol for endless energy and passion for living.
       Keep a good quality of mind, or keep a sense of humour, to be precise, even if you are 80, and you’ll never be old.
Dear Jack,?
        Hearing that you wish to sell your walkman, I’m so glad to know it because my walkman has been lost several days ago, and I need it to help study English now.?
       Could you give me a description of your walkman? The price I can offer is no more than 100 yuan. Hope the deal can be done between us.
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