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   In Sections A, B and C, you will hear everything once only. Listen carefully and then answer the questions that follow. Mark the correct answer to each question on your answer sheet.

  In this section you will hear nine statements. At the end of each statement you will be given 10 seconds to answer the question.???
1.  The speaker likes teaching because of ___.?
A. its interesting nature?
B. the good salaries?
C. contact with the young?
D. more summer holidays ?
2.  What does the speaker mean??
A. Bad living conditions are due to the poor city.?
B. Bad planning is responsible for poor living conditions.?
C. Living conditions are bad because the city is too big.?
D. Small cities have better living conditions than large ones. ?
3.  What does the statement mean??
A. Many people are concerned about their security.?
B. Social security bears no relation to population.?
C. Most social security problems are caused by a few people.
D. Too many people may result in social security problems. ?
4.  Passengers must check in to board Flight 998 by ___.?
  A. 10:30 a.m        B. 10:00 a.m       C. 11:30 a.m       D. 11:00 a.m ?
5.  The speaker is probably a(n) ___.?
A. insurance agent    B. fireman   C. salesman    D. policeman ?
6.  The speaker thinks that___.?
A. Ian achieved a lot as an athlete?
B. Ian’s blind eye prevented him from athletics?
C. Ian’s success depended on his childhood experience?
D. Ian trained so hard in athletics as to lose one eye ? (来源:www.EnglishCN.com)
7.  Mrs. Clark is worried about her___.?
A. husband’s health    B. husband’s work? C. husband’s illness    D. own health ?
8.  The relationship between Susan and Jenny is ___.?
A. neutral    B. friendly       C. unclear      D strained ?
9.  What do we learn about Jack??
A. He is well-known for hard work.?
B. He is pretty busy working.?
C. He has overworked and hurt his sight.?
D. He doesn’t like to have dinner with us. ?
    In this section, you will hear nine short conversations between two speakers.At the end of each conversation you will be given 10 seconds to answer the question.??
10.  What are they mainly talking about??
A. Graduation date.    B. Vacation plans.? C. School courses.    D. Job hunting. ?
11.  The conversation probably takes place in___.?
A. a library    B. a bookstore? C. the classroom    D. a department store ?
12.  The relationship between the two speakers is probably___.?
A. man and wife    B. lawyer and client?C. customer and waitress    D. colleagues ?
13.  We can infer from the conversation that the man is a(n) ___.?
A. plumber     B. construction worker? C. office boy    D. porter ?
14.  What will the man probably do next? ?
A. Turn off the tape recorder.   ?
B. Turn up the tape recorder.?
C. Call the doctor.  ?
D. Continue to play. ?
15.  How does Lisa feel about her work? ?
A. Satisfied.    B. Frustrated.    C. Annoyed.    D. Confident. ?
16.  The woman is going to the___.?
A. library    B. theatre    C. research institute    D. laboratory ?
17.   Jackson changed his job because he ___.?
A. hurt himself during his work?
B. was not satisfied with his play?
C .wanted to work harder?
D. found the job too hard ?
18.  What does the woman say about the film??
A. It is hard to pronounce the name.?
B. It is not going to be well received.?
C. She has temporarily forgotten its name.?
D. She has never heard of the name. 
Questions 19 and 20 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item, you will be given 20 seconds to answer the question.   ??
Now listen to the news.??
19.  Nigeria returned to the Commonwealth after ___.?

A. she had sentenced minority rights activists to death?
B. the military had resumed control of the country?
C. power had been handed over to an elected president?
D. she had negotiated with Commonwealth leaders ?
20.  The Commonwealth consists of ___countries which were former British colonies.?
A. 54    B. 29    C. 9    D. 95 ?
Questions 21 and 22 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item, you will be given 20 seconds to answer the question.?
Now listen to the news.??
21.  The space shuttle Discovery completed a ___mission upon to the Kennedy Space Centre.?
A. 11-day        B. 94-day    C. 10-day        D. 49-day
22.  When the spacecraft was going to land, ___.?
A. it produced a lot of noise?
B. there were scattered showers?
C. people could see it high in the sky?
D. people could neither see nor hear it  ?
Questions 23 and 24 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item, you will be given 20 second to answer the question.?
Now listen to the news.??
23.  How many people died during the collision??
A Two.    B Eighteen.    C. Three.    D. Five. ?
24.  Three Albanians were arrested for___.?
A. attacking the patrol boat?
B. smuggling in refugees?
C. causing the accident?
D. injuring refugees ?
Question 25 is based on the following news. At the end of the news item, you will be given 10 seconds to answer the question.?
Now listen to the news.??
25.  The news item is mainly about___.?
A. efforts to salvage Sun Vista?
B. negotiation with the ship’s owner?
C. threats Sun Vista poses to passing ships?
D. a newspaper’s comment on Sun Vista
Part Ⅳ CLOZE  [15 MIN.]
Decide which of the choices given below would best complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the best choice for each blank on your answer sheet.??
   The translator must have an excellent, up-to-date knowledge of his source languages, full facility in the handling of his target language, which will be his mother tongue or language of habitual ( 26 )and a knowledge and understanding of the latest subject-matter in his field of specialization.?
   This is, as it were, his professional equipment.( 27 )this, it is desirable that he should have an inquiring mind,wide interests, a good memory and the ability to grasp quickly the basic principles of new developments. He should be willing to work ( 28 )is own, often at high speeds, but should be humble enough to consult others ( 29 )his own knowledge not always prove adequate to the task in hand. He should be able to type fairly quickly and accurately and, if he is working mainly for publication, should have more than a nodding ( 30 )with printing techniques and proof-reading. If he is working basically as an information translator, let us say, for an industrial firm, he should have the flexibility of mind to enable him to ( 31 )rapidly from one source language   to another, as well as from one subject-matter  to another,since this ability is frequently ( 32 )of him in such work. Bearing in mind the nature of the translator’s work,i.e. the processing of the written word, it is, strictly speaking, ( 33 )that he should be able to speak thelanguage he is dealing with. If he does speak them, it is an advantage ( 34 )a hindrance, but this skill is in many ways a luxury that he can ( 35 )with. It is, ( 36 ),desirable that he should have an   approximate idea about the pronunciation of his source languages even if this is restricted to ( 37 )how proper names and place names are pronounced. The same ( 38 )to an ability to write his source languages. If he can, well and good; if he cannot, it does not ( 39 ). There are many other skills and ( 40 )that are desirable in a    translator.
26.  A. application    B. use  ?     C. utility                     D. usage        ?
27.  A. More than  B. Except for?   C. Because of             D. In addition to  ?
28.  A. of      B. by?      C. for                          D. on ?
29.  A.  should   B. when?     C. because                   D. if  ?
30.  A. familiariy   B. acquaintance?  C. knowledge              D. skill ?
31.  A. change      B. transform?   C. turn                        D. switch ?
32.  A. lacked      B. required?    C. faced                      D. confronted  ?
33.  A. essential   B. unnecessary?    C. advantageous         D. useless ?
34. A. over     B. despite?    C. rather than            D. instead ?
35. A. deal        B. concern?    C. work                    D. do away ?
36. A.  however      B. accordingly?  C. consequently       D. thus ?
37.  A. knowing      B. having known?   C. know                    D. have known ?
38.  A. refers       B. comes?                C. applies                 D. amounts ?
39.  A. matter       B. mind                ?C. harm                     D. work ?
40.  A. characteristics     B. qualities         ?C. distinctions           D. features ?
     There are twenty-five sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.?
Mark your answers on your answer sheet.??
41.  I can’t go—for one thing, I have no money, and___I have too much work.?
A. what’s  more         B. as well          C. for another          D.  in addition ?
42.  Even as a girl,___to be her life, and theater audiences were tobe her best teacher.?
A. performing by Melissa were?
B. it was known that Melissa’s performances were?
C. knowing that Melissa’s performances were?
D. Melissa knew that performing was ?
43.  ___ him tomorrow??
A. Why not to call on                      B. Why don’t call on?
C. Why not calling on                      D. Why not call on  ?
44.  There is no doubt ___the company has made the right decision on the sales project.?
A. why         B. that        C. whether        D. when ?
  45.  Intellect is to the mind ___sight is to the body.?
A. what         B. as         C. that            D.like
46.  ___I sympathize, I can’t really do very much to help them out of the difficulties.?
A. As long as     B. As        C. While          D. Even
47.  The patient’s progress was very encouraging as he could ___ get out of bed without help.?
A. nearly        B. hardly      C. merely         D. barely
48.  He was___to tell the truth even to his closest friend.?
A. too much of a coward           B. too much the coward? C. a coward enough             D. enough of a coward ?
49.  Barry had an advantage over his mother ___he could speak French.?
A. since that      B. in that      C. at that      D. so that
50.  You needn’t worry ___ regards the cost of the operation.?
A. with          B. which      C. as         D. about ?
51.  ___ is not a serious disadvantage in life.?
A. To be not tall    B. Not to be tall   ?C. Being not tall    D. Not being tall ?
52.  During the famine, many people were ___ to going without food for days.?
A. sunk         B. reduced       C. forced      D. declined
53.  The computer can be programmed to ___a whole variety of tasks.?
A. assign        B. tackle         C. realize       D. solve
54.  The team’s efforts to score were ___by the opposing goalkeeper.?
A. frustrated     B. prevented       C. discouraged     D. accomplished ?
55.  I only know the man by___ but I have never spoken to him.?
A. chance       B. heart       C. sight      D. experience
56.  Being colour-blind, Sally can’t make a ___between red and green.?
A. difference     B. distinction      C. comparison      D. division ?
57.  You must insist that students give a truthful answer ___ with the reality of their world.?
A. relevant      B. simultaneous     C. consistent      D. practical ?
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