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Every year, millions of salmon swim from the ocean into the mouths of rivers and then steadily up the rivers. Passing through waters, around rocks and waterfalls, the fish finally reach their original streams or lakes. They dig out nests in the riverbed and lay their eggs. Then, exhausted by their journey, the parent salmon die. They have finished the task that nature has given them. Months, or years later, the young fish start their trip to the ocean. They live in the salt water from 2-7 years, until they, too are ready to swim back to reproduce. Their life cycle helps man provide himself with a basic food-fish. When the adult salmon gather at the river mouths for the annual trip up the rivers, they are in the best possible condition, and nearly every harbor has its salmon fishing fleet ready to catch thousands for markets.?
Now, you have two minutes to check through your work.?
In sections A, B and C, you will hear everything once only. Listen carefully and then answer the questions that follow. Mark the correct answer to each question on your answer sheet. 
In this section, you will hear seven statements. At the end of each statement you will be given 10 seconds to answer the question.?
1. You must relax. Don’t work too hard. And do watch your drinking and smoking.?
2.We hadn’t quite expected the committee to agree to rebuild the hospital, so we were taken aback when we got to know that it had finally agreed.?
3.The coach leaves the station every 20 minutes. It’s ?9:15? now, and you have to wait for five minutes for the next one.?
4.Perhaps Jane shouldn’t have got married in the first place. No one knows what she might have been doing now, but not washing up. That’s for sure!?  (来源:老牌的英语学习网站 http://www.EnglishCN.com)
5.I happen to be working on a similar project at the moment. I am only too pleased to help you.?
6.The man arrived for the ceremony with patched jackets and faded jeans that the average person would save for mowing the lawn in his garden at the weekend.?
7.Mark! Here you are! This is the last place in the world I would have expected to find you.?
In this section you will hear 10 short conversations between two speakers. At the end of each conversation, you will be given 10 seconds to answer the question.?
8.  W: I couldn’t stand this morning. My right leg went stiff. 
   M: I’m afraid it’s probably a side-effect from the drugs I put you on.?
9.  W: How did your writing go this morning? Is the book coming along alright??
    M: I’m not sure. I think the rest of it will be difficult to write.?
10. W: Is there anything you can do to make the cold go away more quickly??
    M: No, there isn’t. And a cold isn’t really serious enough for a visit to a doctor. 
11. W:Look! What have I got here!?
    M: Oh. So you did go to that bookstore! 
12. M: Excuse me. Has there been an emergency? 
    W: Oh, no sir. There’s just a storm, so the plane will leave a little later this afternoon.?
13. W: I wish I hadn’t hurt Linda’s feeling like that yesterday. You know I never meant to. 
    M: The great thing about Linda is that she doesn’t hold any grudges. By tomorrow she’ll have forgotten all about it.?
14. M: My grades are not bad, but not good enough. I know I didn’t study at all this semester. Now I have to work very hard next semester to keep my scholarship.?
    W:I’ll see you in the library, then. 
15. W: I’ll wear this blue jacket for the evening. I like the color on me, don’t you think? ? 
    M:I think it looks terrific on you-really! ?
16. W: Do you know that Sam turned down that job offer by a travel agency? ?
    M: Yeah. The hours were convenient, but had he accepted it, he wouldn’t have been able to make ends meet.  ?
17. W: At the rate it is being used, the printer is not going to make it through the rest of the year. ?
    M: The year? It is supposed to be good for four!  ?
      Questions 18 and 19 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item you will be given 20 seconds to answer the questions. Now listen to the news. ?
 The U.N resolution calls for greater international intelligence and law enforcement cooperation. And it requires states to change their banking laws in order to police the global network of terrorisms financiers. It makes providing funds for terror activities a criminal offence and would freeze bank accounts of those who sponsor terrorism.?
      Questions 20 and 21 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item you will be given 20 seconds to answer the questions. Now listen to the news. ?
A police spokesman said the devices were made safe by explosive experts in the Ardorn district, where a woman was shot in the leg and 13 police officers were injured during a second successive night of violence. Northern Ireland’s police chief had earlier called on community leaders to work together to end the violence. The violence has erupted sporadically throughout a summer of Sectarian tension in northern Belfast.?
      Question 22 is based on the following news. At the end of the news item you will be given 10 seconds to answer the question. Now listen to the news. ?
Airlines are being hit with huge increases to ensure their planes after the terrorist attacks in the United States. Goshork Insurance Holdings, which ensures aircraft around the world, said rates had soared as much as 10 fold since the September 11th? terror attacks. Airlines around the world have cut services and dismissed staff as their business has plunged in the wake of the crisis. They are also struggling with increased security costs.? 
      Questions 23 and 24 are based on the following news. At the end of the news item you will be given 20 seconds to answer the questions. Now listen to the news. ?
A Pakistani lawyer said the resumption of the trial of eight foreign aid workers accused of preaching Christianity in Afghanistan has been put off until Sunday. He had met earlier Saturday with the aid workers, 2 Americans, 2 Australians, and 4 Germans. They insist they were in Afghanistan to help the poor, not to convert them. The penalty for these captured aid workers could range from expulsion to a jail term and death sentence.?

Question 25 is based on the following news. At the end of the news item you will be given 10 seconds to answer the question. Now listen to the news. ?
On the 20th? anniversary of the first official report on AIDS, the head of the United Nations AIDS program warns that the deadly disease may only be at its early stages in many parts of the world. Dr. Piu said the disease has already reached staggering proportions since first being identified in 1981. 58 million people worldwide have contracted the HIV virus, which causes AIDS, while 22 million have died from related illnesses. The UN estimates the world’s HIV positive population at 36 million, including 25 million in sub-Saharan Africa.?
International officials warn the disease will have disastrous political, social, and economic consequences in many developing countries.?
This is the end of listening comprehension. ??
    People in modern society live under a lot of pressure. I see three kinds of pressure working on people today: pressure from education, family and career. It is easy to blame the school for charging too much money, the family members for the heavy burden, the society for the fierce competition. I think people should relax. It is important for them to keep a good mood under whatever circumstances.? 
    Long gone are the days when people lived their life with a certain relaxation, sampling a wide variety of activities—film, music, art, poetry. But now, a lot of people suffer from a lot of pressure. They can’t communicate well with co-workers and family members, and have unbalanced, one-dimensional lives. Some people complain of symptoms of stress, for instance, loss of appetite, a complete sense of exhaustion, insomnia and low morale. Thus have destructive effect on their health. People tend to lose temper easily, and this may interfere personal relationship. What’s more, a high rate of suicide may warn people of their emotional well-being.?
    To be a healthy person physically and psychologically, one should keep a good mood, according to some psychology experts. Those little things may seem relatively insignificant—reading mystery novels, playing volleyball, spending time with family and friends, maintaining your emotional well-being, getting plenty of rest, going fishing. They can help you keep a good mood.??
Dear Clare,
   Thank you for inviting me to your house-warming party this weekend. But I’m afraid I couldn’t go there, because I have an important business appointment on that day. I saw some pictures of your new house, which is so cozy and comfortable. I sincerely hope that you have a good day.?
                                                                                            Gou Ming?? 
1. 答案:D?
 【问句译文】 关于听者哪一句是不对的??
 【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
 【详细解答】 只要听懂了这句话“Don’t work too hard, and do watch your drinking and smoking”, 由此可以判断听者工作辛苦,既抽烟又喝酒。故选项D为正确答案。?
2. 答案:C?
 【问句译文】 当讲话者听到这个消息,他感觉如何??
 【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
 【详细解答】 只要听懂了关键词 “We were taken aback...”, 意为“吃惊”,这与选项C的意思一致。
3. 答案:C?
 【问句译文】 下一班长途汽车什么时候离站??
 【试题分析】 本题为计算题。?
 【详细解答】 本题的关键词是 “It’s 9:15.”, “...wait for 5 minutes...” 意为现在9:15,下一班车等5分钟。由此可以判断下一班长途汽车9:20离站。?
4. 答案:B?
 【问句译文】 讲话者认为简可能会??
 【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
 【详细解答】 这句话的关键词是“but not washed-up...”, 其中“washed up” 意为“不再有希望的,没有发展前途的”,前面还有一句话 “No one knows what she might be doing now...”由此可以判断讲话者谈论简的事业还是有希望的。故B为正确答案。
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