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  日期:2007-08-10 17:39:44
  日期:2007-08-10 17:39:42
  日期:2007-08-10 17:39:39
  日期:2007-08-10 17:39:37
[英语四级CET4] 大学英语四级词汇训练1200题1
  日期:2007-04-15 08:48:38
  1.With the _______of Mary, all the girl students are eager to go to the party. A.exhibition B.exception C.except D.reception 2.Although the trffic is not busy, he likes to drive at a _______ speed. A.spare C.moderate D.moral 3.All the memorie
[英语四级CET4] 大学英语四级词汇训练1200题2
  日期:2007-04-15 08:46:58
  1. This kind of medicine has the power to _______poison. A.splash B.resist C.adopt D.occupy 2. He is easily _______ so I do not like to talk with him. A.defended B.afforded C.created D.offended 3.I am _______ to believe that he wont come back to see
[英语四级CET4] 大学英语四级词汇训练1200题3
  日期:2007-04-15 08:44:34
  1.This watch is _______ by hand, not by machine, so it is very expensive. A.flat B.coined C.bored D.manufactured 2.These two horses look so much alike that we can not _______ one from the other. A.differ B.detail C.distinguish D.defeat 3.The preside
[英语四级CET4] 大学英语四级词汇训练1200题4
  日期:2007-04-15 08:42:21
  1.Even though he has lived in China for many years, Mark still can not _______ himself to the Chinese customs. A.adopt B.adjust C.adapt D.accept 2.He tried to _______ with the manager for has salary. A.evaluate B.object C.bargain D.pause 3.To some _
[英语四级CET4] 大学英语四级词汇训练1200题5
  日期:2007-04-15 08:40:38
  1.His proposal is _______ to all of us and you do not need to tell us more about it. A.apparent B.appearing C.approaching D.apart 2.This mountain range has many high _______ and fertile valleys. A.peaks B.hills C.phases 3.He gave us a good __
[英语四级CET4] 大学英语四级词汇训练1200题6
  日期:2007-04-15 08:38:37
  1.Ten years later, that man was _______ from prison. A.shut B. released C. penetrated D. elected 2.I _______ youve decided against taking my advice. B. declare C. assume D. exclude 3.I wrote to my aunt last night. I couldnt _______ it any
[英语四级CET4] 大学英语四级词汇训练1200题7
  日期:2007-04-15 08:28:27
  1. This rock has to be _______ in order to build a road. A. blasted B.explored C.hired D.maintained 2. He did not go to the party last night, which _______ her feelings deeply. A. wounded B.injured C.hurt D.injury 3.When they returned to the river,
[英语四级CET4] 大学英语四级词汇训练1200题8
  日期:2007-04-15 08:26:25
  1.Im looking for the _______ section in todays paper. A. column B.combination C.comb D.classified 2.Where can I _______ in the TV? Is the outlet right? A. plug B.paint C.shoot D.upset 3.Please put your _______ on this application form. A. site B.sil
[英语四级CET4] 大学英语四级词汇训练1200题9
  日期:2007-04-15 08:05:30
  1. You should keep calm during your _______ test. Do not be nervous. A. oral B.platform C.rude D.shield 2. Our guide gave us a detailed _______ of this painting but we still do not understand. A. authority B.interpretation C.instruction D.institutio
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