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Bush says he will veto 'excessive spending'
  日期:2007-06-30 10:39:26
"N.Korea should shut down nuclear facilities soon"
  日期:2007-06-30 10:39:25
Michelle Kwan visits Moscow orphanage
  日期:2007-06-30 10:39:25
Chinese Students in the UK 在英国的中国学生
  日期:2007-06-30 10:07:15
  在线收听节目 The Award Winners 获奖者 Yu Huai Zhang overcame ill health to attend Queens University Two Chinese students, who are studying at British Universities, have been awarded prizes for being the best international students in their respectiv
Picnics 野餐
  日期:2007-06-26 20:07:09
  在线收听节目 Enjoy the great outdoors! 尽情享受户外活动吧! Do you fancy a romantic picnic? As summertime begins in Britain, people start to feel the urge to go outside to eat. People love to have a picnic whenever the weather is good enough, especi
Father's Day 父亲节
  日期:2007-06-26 20:06:45
  在线收听节目 An American Creation 一个美国人的创意 Happy Father's Day! Father's Day is a fairly new celebration in the British calendar compared with Mother's Day, which has been a very popular and well celebrated festival in the UK for a very long
Harry Potter World 哈里波特世界
  日期:2007-06-26 20:06:40
  在线收听节目 A Wizards Theme Park 魔法世界的主题公园 Would you like to take a holiday at Hogwarts? While fans of the fictional adventures of an English boy wizard are counting the days until the publication of the seventh and final Harry Potter book
  日期:2007-05-31 16:58:47
  日期:2007-05-02 17:03:49
  Women Smoking 女性吸烟 Vicki: Hi, and welcome to Ask About Britain from BBC Learning English. Im Vicki. Sun Chen: 还有我,孙晨。在我们今天的节目当中来回答听友关于伦敦生活方面的问题。 Vicki: Our question this time was emailed to us by Jean in Beijing
  日期:2007-05-02 01:30:40
  Gay Youth: The Straight Facts For most people, adolescence is a difficult time of life filled with pressure from peers, parents, and school. For gay, lesbian, and bisexual teens, however, the stress of this period multiplies, especially for those li
Mexico's State Oil Company in Financial Trouble
  日期:2007-04-07 23:46:17
  Download RM Audio Mexico's state-owned oil company, Petroleos Mexicanos, better known as Pemex, celebrated its 69th birthday on March 18, amid concerns that it is on the brink of insolvency and its production is falling. As VOA's Greg Flakus report
Bush meets with Iraqi Shi'ite lead
  日期:1970-01-02 08:33:42
  在线收听: 点击此处下载RM格式文件: President Bush had talks at the White House Monday with an influential Shi'ite leader from Iraq, Abdul Aziz al-Hakim. VOA White House Correspondent Paula Wolfson reports it is part of an effort by Mr. Bush to reac
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