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母亲节历史History of Mother′s Day
  日期:2009-05-09 00:18:54
  In the U.S. Mothers' Day is a holiday celebrated on second Sunday in May. It is a day when children honor their mothers with cards, gifts, and flowers. First observance in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1907, it is based on suggestions by Julia Ward Howe in 1
51 international Labor Days call 51 sections
  日期:2009-04-24 00:55:06
  51 international Labor Days call 51 sections, May 1 in every year.It is the whole world labor common festival of the people.As for51 causes of the sections are such: This stanza comes from the workers big strike of American Chicago.On May 1 in 1886,
清明节(Qingming Festival)
  日期:2009-04-04 00:52:48
  The Qingming (Pure Brightness) Festival is one of the 24 seasonal division points in China, falling on April 4-6 each year. After the festival, the temperature will rise up and rainfall increases. It is the high time for spring plowing and sowing. B
Qing Ming Jiein Ancient Times
  日期:2009-04-04 00:47:04
  日期:2009-02-14 00:44:50
  你所不知的情人节神秘习俗 1. There are many favorite songs of Valentine's Day. Here is one of them: 人们喜欢唱的情人节歌曲有很多。下面就是一首: Let me call you sweetheart, 让我叫你一声甜美的人吧, I'm in love with you. 我已投入了你的情河, Let me he
  日期:2009-02-14 00:32:07
  Do you have some time tomorrow? 明天有空吧? Yes, I do. 有
元宵节(Lantern Festival)的由来
  日期:2009-02-11 00:01:49
  The 15th day of the 1st lunar month is the Chinese Lantern Festival because the first lunar month is called yuan-month and in the ancient times people called night Xiao. The 15th day is the first night to see a full moon. So the day is also called Y
  日期:2009-01-23 00:10:41
  中国人用动物这种独特的表示方法来代表中国农历的新年。 THE Chinese have a unique way of representing the lunar new year through animals. 我们用12种不同的动物来表达12年一轮中的每一年。 We use a dozen different animals to represent each year of a 12-yea
美国人怎么样过新年? Celebrating the New Year
  日期:2009-01-23 00:05:14
  January 1, the beginning of a new year, as far back in history as we can tell, people have celebrated the start of a new year. 有史以来,在一年的开始 1 月 1 日,人们就开始庆祝新年。 The people of ancient Egypt began their new year in summer. That is
Thanksgiving Day 感恩节的由来
  日期:2008-11-27 05:56:38
  Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Day Observed by Canada, United States Type National Date Second Monday in October (Canada); Fourth Thursday in November (U.S.) 2008 date October 13, 2008 (Canada); November 27, 2008 (U.S.) 2009 date October 12, 2009 (Canada
1st Mid-Autumn Festival holiday helps revive tradition
  日期:2008-09-13 18:53:00
  With the first Mid-Autumn Festival holiday nearly upon China, many people are asking 'what is it for?' An online survey by the website saw 55.7 percent of the 1,313 respondents saying they would spend the holiday with their families. The fe
[实时新闻] 100m Chinese mourn for deceased on Qingming
  日期:2008-04-06 15:42:19
  BEIJING-- More than 100 million people mourned for the deceased at graveyards or memorial parks and halls on Qingming, or grave-sweeping day, on Friday, the Ministry of Civil Affairs estimated. Figures from the ministry's 150 monitoring places natio
清明节及其起源英文介绍 Qing Ming Festival and Its Origin
  日期:2008-04-06 15:23:20
  Qing Ming Festival and Its Origin Qing Ming, which means clear and bright in Chinese, falls on April 5th this year. It is both the fifth term in the traditional lunar calendar and a festival to hold memorial ceremony for the dead. It is a time to ex
[轻松时刻] 愚人节精选英文短信 April fools day SMS / text messages
  日期:2008-04-01 02:44:38
  看看西方人怎么用短信整人 :) How dare they fool you If today any 1 talks praises u 4 ur 1) gud looks 2 ) nature 3 ) style 4 ) attitude, kick them off. How dare they fool u before april 1st. ------------------------------------- 99/100 idiots would tr
你要小心:April Fool's Day 愚人节
  日期:2008-03-26 02:58:46
  April Fool's Day 愚人节 1st April is a day to be careful, or you could easily get tricked by someone. Its April Fools Day, a day when people traditionally like to try to make a fool of someone else and laugh at them. There are lots of theories surro
愚人节的起源及其相关玩笑 The Origin of April Fool's day
  日期:2008-03-12 03:15:39
  April Fool's Day - April 1st April 1st is the day people try to trick their friends, to make them behave like fools. Ranging from the elaborate practical joke to the obvious Your zip's undone the joker gloats April Fool when the unsuspecting victim
Leap year - February 29th 闰年的二月二十九
  日期:2008-03-11 01:39:05
  2008 Leap Year 2008 谈闰年 29th February only happens once every four years The year 2008 has one extra day in it February 29th. This is because it's what we call 'a leap year'. Every four years, the year has 366 days in it instead of 365 but why
  日期:2008-02-14 02:42:20
  Valentine's Day Coping Mechanisms For Singles Who Would Rather Not Be For a day that is supposed to be all about sharing love, it can be a disappointment to many. Flowers, cards, chocolates, and overflowing expressions of love are all the norm on Va
  日期:2008-02-14 01:34:34
  Being Single on Valentine's Day As a single woman, I'll readily admit that February 14th isn't something I'd normally look forward to. A day devoted to couples, hearts and true love isn't an oasis for the lonely , and it is becoming increasingly
  日期:2008-02-13 15:20:32
  Valentine's Day Gifts for Men For those who haven't already purchased a gift for their guy, now is the time to do it. Online orders take time to receive (although some companies are offering same-day or next-day shipping for the occasion), and in-p
  日期:2008-02-13 02:38:26
  韩国的爱情电视剧、小说风靡亚洲,这与韩国的浪漫文化分不开。而聪明的韩国商人更是瞄准了浪漫市场,巧立名目为全年定下21个情人节。 这么多的情人节中,当然首推2月14日的西方情人节,后来又从它衍生出了每月的14日都定为情人节,虽然都是以爱情名义,但是每个日子都
  日期:2008-02-13 02:35:06
  在美国的华人怎么过情人节?《多维时报》记者采访了五位各行各业的人,看看他们都怎样过情人节。 孙先生:情人节里坠入爱河 年轻小伙子孙先生是一位刚上班才三年的电脑程序员。他告诉多维记者他的情人节是 等了好几年才过上的。那是前年的情人节,他刚刚上班不到两年,
你的圣诞很中国吗?Have Yourself A Very Chinese Christmas
  日期:2007-12-25 04:20:16
  你的圣诞很中国吗?Have Yourself A Very Chinese Christmas
英国圣诞节传统 British Christmas Traditions
  日期:2007-12-23 18:22:13
  英国圣诞节传统 Christmas Traditions
特拉法加广场的圣诞树 Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree
  日期:2007-12-23 18:16:28
  特拉法加广场的圣诞树 Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree
  日期:2007-12-15 02:08:19
  Christmas The Feast of Christmas It is not easy to pin-point the origins of the Christmas feast, today the more important feast of the Christmas season in most western Christian churches. One can only say for certain that the birth of Jesus Christ wa
  日期:2007-12-15 01:43:21
  Wishing you a song in your heart at Christmas and blessings all year long. 圣诞之际,祝你心中有首快乐的歌,新年快乐! Merry Christmas and happy New Year! 圣诞快乐,恭贺新禧! Wishing you peace, joy and happiness through Christmas and the coming year
[国家概况] 奥地利历史 the history of austria
  日期:2007-12-13 02:16:59
  日期:2007-11-18 21:04:35
情人节由来 Valentine's day
  日期:2008-02-13 00:10:49
  情人节由来 版本一:Valentine's day是情人节在英语里的叫法。从字面上来看,很难看出中西方叫法之间有什么联系。这里面隐藏着一个动人的故事。 大约在公元三世纪的罗马,那时恺撒已经死去快三百年了,暴君Claudius当政。当时,罗马内外战争频仍,民不聊生。为了补足兵
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