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  教你如何做英语演讲 点击:2445
  讲座是传统教学的一种方法,或许是最古老的一种方法。一些批评者认为讲座是一种被动的教学方式。然而,讲座不总是被动的。一个高效的讲座是经过计划和选择的。下面是一些规划讲座的小妙招。 1. Don't Cover It All 1.不要包括所有的内容 Base your lecture on the most(2017-06-14)
  BBC:Ice-breakers 如何避免初次交谈中的冷场 点击:2055
  I'm a college student majoring in business English. I'm very confused how to start a talk with foreigners who come to visit China. Sometimes I think it's hard to find a common topic with them because I think we have culture difference, so when I t(2012-02-13)
  英国人快乐吗? 点击:15369
  How Happy is Britain? 英国人快乐吗? Britain's Happiness is to be Measured in a Survey 英国人将调查他们的快乐指数 下载音频 What makes you happy? That's a question British Prime Minister David Cameron is asking the nation in a survey this year, as p(2011-03-15)
  如何提高下载速度How to Increase Download Speed 点击:1935
  How to Increase Download Speed By an eHow Contributor I want to do this! What's This? The Internet is the fastest and easiest way to get all types of information and multimedia, but if you are stuck with slow download speeds, you are not getting the(2010-10-27)
  Heart Idioms 和“心”有关的成语-eat somebody's heart out 点击:4297
  Heart Idioms 和心有关的成语 The phrase 'eat somebody's heart out' beats me. Could I use any personal pronoun instead of 'somebody' in this phrase? How do the British use this phrase? Please give me some examples. Zhang Yishi, China 收听与下载(2010-03-08)
  100个精彩的国外下载网站 点击:18145
  介绍100多个资源丰富的国外网站,让你下载你想要的东西! 100+ Sites to Download All Sorts of Things These days you can find all sorts of things online, from audio books to flash files, from sound effects to CSS templates. Below we compiled a list with o(2010-02-27)
  奥巴马中国行之“笑侃”雅思口语 点击:2855
  当今英语口语流行词 点击:4057
  闪孕 (shan3 yun4) quick pregnancy It refers to some white-collar women who get pregnant in a hurry to avoid being fired. Chinas labor law prevents a company from firing a pregnant employee unless the company isinsolvent. 闪孕,即突击怀孕、将生子计划(2009-07-04)
  奥巴马就职演说精彩语录 点击:3905
  美国当选总统、民主党人奥巴马1月20日在美国国会大厦西侧的露天平台上正式宣誓就任美国第44任总统。宣誓就职后,奥巴马发表就职演说。演说中,奥巴马呼吁全体美国民众端正心态,努力提高公民责任感,为振兴国家贡献自己的力量。以下是就职演说的精彩语录: 关于布什 我(2009-03-12)
  New Year Resolutions 新年计划 点击:3406
  The time for New Year resolutions is here again. But is it worth the pain to make resolutions? As the New Year gets closer, it is the time for people to make resolutions. There will promises about living a better life: losing weight, eating more hea(2009-01-12)

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